About Kensington Financial Services, Inc.

Mission Statement

Kensington Financial Services, Inc. was founded to offer people an alternative in an industry characterized by large, impersonal firms. A need was seen for a firm that cared about its clients, rather than its own self-promoted proprietary products; a firm that would not foist its in-house tax shelters and mutual funds upon an unsuspecting public; and that still considers its representatives as "customer's men and women" serving their clients first and the firm second. Kensington Financial offers people a valid, local, personal alternative to investing. Every aspect is dedicated to serving its clients with care and concern.

The basic philosophy of the firm is to assist the client in determining his or her own individual needs and objectives and then to match the wide variety of investment vehicles available with those predetermined needs and objectives. However, we realize that our representative's work is not completed at this point: at Kensington Financial we believe in establishing well developed long-term relationships with our clients. We recognize that as time passes, an individual's financial needs will naturally change, and therefore investment portfolios must constantly be supervised and updated to keep in line with their objectives.

As Kensington Financial has no in-house proprietary products, makes no market and holds no inventory, our recommendations are free from pressures naturally arising from such positions. At Kensington Financial we realize that clients have their own specific needs and objectives; no recommendation will ever be made that does not take into account each individual's specific financial situation. No fee is charged for our advice, but rather Kensington and its representatives are compensated from the commissions (or service charges), openly explained, attached to each of the various investment vehicles that may be employed to reach the Client's objectives.

Description of Business

Kensington Financial Services, Inc. is a full service financial planning firm with the ability to place orders on all listed exchanges both domestic and foreign. At Kensington Financial we offer:

1) A Full Range of Investment Vehicles
2) Specialized Individual Financial Planning
3) Business and Organizational Needs
4) A Full Range of Insurance Products
5) Estate Planning

For details on available services provided in any of the above categories, please visit our Services Section of our web site.

By utilizing Kensington Financial Services' full support capabilities, Kensington Account Executives tailor a financial program to suit each client's particular needs. The firm provides our clients with the service needed whether it be in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance or any number of other specialty areas.

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